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At APP Admission (AKA: Academic Placement Program), we are dedicated to helping you get into the US college of your choice today. We have the experience and dedication needed to help you get started today.

Our Process

Step 1: Send an APP Information Request Form

After you complete the form, submit it to us via e email at or contact one of our representatives. Your information will be reviewed by one of our professional placement advisers and we will provide a free, personalized recommendation report and a recommended schools list will be created and sent to you.

Step 2: Meet with a Placement Adviser

Each student gets the personal attention he or she deserves. That is essential for moving successfully through each phase of the process. Our qualified placement advisers empower students to plan, prepare and achieve their educational goals.

Step 3: Find the Perfect Program and School

Together with your placement adviser, you will find the best programs and services that meet your needs. Then, you will explore options for schools that fit what you’re looking for. With locations across the country, there are a million of possibilities and adventures waiting.

Step 4: Get Accepted!

It’s the moment every student awaits – opening a school admission letter. Once you are invited to a school, the only thing left to do is buy a plane ticket and prepare.

We are always here to answer any questions and to walk you through your program.